The latest circular economy tool from In the Loop Games, created from PhD research on circular business models. Designed to help small to large groups discover circular business strategies in less than ten minutes.

In the Loop: Circular Business Deck


In the Loop: Circular Business Deck introduces you to key circular economy strategies, organised by 8 industry sector categories: Textiles & Apparel, ICT & Electronics, Packaging, Furniture, Food & Agriculture, Equipment & Machinery, Batteries & Vehicles, and Building & Construction.

Each card contains a circular business strategy, explanation, and practical example. Discover how companies can contribute to a circular economy model by playing the game. You will find there are many ways to 'close the loop' and multiple actors are needed.

You can also use In the Loop: Circular Business Deck as a brainstorm tool. Mix and match circular strategies to create outside-the-box combinations and spark new ideas. Or try to combine cards between sectors to create new circular supply chains.



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