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Don't see your event? We regularly run 2-3 hour gamified workshops on circular economy, business model innovation, and critical raw materials.  If you are a conference organiser and think this would be a good fit for your program, please get in touch.


New for 2018:

Monthly Webinars



Conferences and Symposia

Jan. 15-19 SusCritMat Winter School Les Diablerets, Switzerland
March 7-8 Circular Materials Conference Gothenburg, Sweden
April 12-13 10th International Materials Education Symposium Cambridge, UK
June 3-6 9th International Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD) Glassboro, New Jersey, USA


February 21, March 20 Discovering In the Loop - Deep Dive
Join us for a tour of In the Loop. Learn about the game and its accompanying resources, and discover how circular economy and materials come together to support learning and discovery about both topics.
April 10, May 15 Developing Game-based Approaches for Sustainability
Ever thought about developing your own game? In this webinar, In the Loop designer Katherine Whalen gives you a look at the game development process and how game-based approaches have been used within the field of sustainability.

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