Biomaterials to Move Towards a Circular Bioeconomy with Dr. Michael A. Saltzberg

Episode 045: Podcast Show Notes

Dive into the fascinating world of biomaterials and circular design with Dr. Michael Saltzberg. Michael is the Global Business Director for Biomaterials at DuPont. In today’s episode, you’ll hear how material suppliers like DuPont are contributing to a more circular economy by combining performance and environmentally-driven design. Michael explains key concepts related to biomaterials and the biocycle and shares examples of how biomaterials can be used in practice to extend product life cycles and help close material loops.

About the Show

Getting In the Loop is a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring how to transform to a more circular society. Join host Katie Whalen as she examines the challenges facing our current resource use and discovers alternatives to the ‘take, make, dispose’ way of doing things. Each week she interviews circular economy experts about what they’re doing and learning. Together we'll uncover what circular economy means in practice and find out what's being done to keep our resources in a loop rather than sent to waste. Let's get in the loop!

About Today's Guest

Dr. Michael A. Saltzberg


Dr. Michael A. Saltzberg is the Global Business Director for Biomaterials at DuPont. There he leads a portfolio of commercial and emerging businesses which utilize renewable feed stocks, rather than petroleum or natural gas derivatives, to make industrially important chemicals and materials, including DuPont Sorona® polymer and Bio-PDO™ propanediol. Through the development of renewable biochemicals and biomaterials, Dr. Saltzberg and his team are solving critical issues for industries as varied as packaging, cosmetics, apparel and carpeting, all facing the challenges of offering high performance choices to their downstream customers while making their supply chains more sustainable.

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