The In the Loop ® Educational Package is a discounted game package designed for use in high school and higher education. Dare students to problem solve their way to solutions for today's resource challenges.


What will my In the Loop ® Educational Package contain?

  • >>Three Copies of the IN THE LOOP ® game - play with up to 35 participants!
  • >>Full Access to the IN THE LOOP ® Facilitator's Guide & Digital Resources Database
  • >>Materials Library access, in partnership with Granta Design

As well as access to following resources and tools:

  • >>Subscription to 'Stay In the Loop', our e-magazine about all things circular economy

Anticipate more participants? Contact us to arrange additional games.


Is there anything else I should know?

  • Each game copy is intended for 2-6 players (may be played in teams)
  • Printed in English
  • Approx. 60-90 minutes to play
  • Age 10+; not suitable for children under 36 months.


Compare with our other packages here.

6.375 SEK (approx. €625.00)

inclusive 25% V.A.T.   

5100 SEK, exclusive 25% V.A.T

(V.A.T. not applied to purchases outside the EU)


  EU €25-50
  US & Canada €50
  Other €75

  Approx. equivalents listed in EUR

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