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"Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”

How we use materials has serious economic, political, environmental, and social implications in today’s global market. Through game-based learning, IN THE LOOP ® makes it fun and engaging to understand this complex ecosystem.

Fun to Play

Easy to Learn

Quick to set up

45-60 minutes

4-6 players

13 and up

An Effective Introduction to Circular Economy

Taking action towards smarter resource use and circular economy is crucial for today’s companies and countries. IN THE LOOP ® helps take the first step in identifying what moving towards a circular economy can mean for your business.

Used in workshops, classes, and events by industry practitioners, academic institutions, and game enthusiasts, IN THE LOOP ® presents today’s resource-related challenges in a fun and engaging way and triggers players to find solutions.

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Gain New Insights into Material Resources

Materials make up our world. But can you navigate 21st Century material challenges?

IN THE LOOP ® simulates complex, global resource supply chains and sparks face-to-face discussion about theses resources -all in less than 90 minutes!

While you play, find out more about the raw materials featured in the game. Our online material library - powered by material experts Granta Design - links to the physical game through QR codes.



How the Game Works 

The IN THE LOOP ® objective is simple; take on the role of a manufacturing company and be the first to seven ‘Progress Points’ by collecting resources and building products. 

But, in this uncertain world, how much progress will your company make? You will face difficult strategic decisions as you navigate through constricted resource mines and unpredictable world events. Should you collaborate with competitors, invest in mining new materials, or change your business model?

Each game includes:

+ 17 Strategy Cards
+ 18 Event Cards
+ 20 Product Cards
+ 72 Material Tokens


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