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Circular IT and Closing the Loop with Joost De Kluijver | Getting in the Loop Podcast

Circular IT and Closing the Loop with Joost De Kluijver

Episode 021: Podcast Show Notes

In this episode, you will learn about the work Joost and his organization CTL is doing to enable proper collection and recycling of African e-waste and find out how their service provides a solution for circular procurement of IT in Europe.


Catherine Weetman (Episode 008) and I have teamed up again for a fun giveaway: review the Getting in the Loop podcast on iTunes for the chance to win a copy of Catherine’s book,  Circular Economy: A Handbook for Business and Supply Chains. One lucky review will be drawn at random and I’ll announce the winner in an upcoming episode.

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Podcast Highlights and Circular Economy Takeaways

  • 2:20 Why it is important to close the loop on electronics
  • 7:15 How Closing the Loop delivers value to two customer groups
  • 9:45 Circular IT services and work with brands such as Samsung
  • 12:30 Supply chain certification tools and collection 
  • 14:30 Challenges of setting up IT collection systems in Africa
  • 17:30 Why electronic waste recycling has yet to happen in Africa
  • 23:00 Common misconceptions about e-waste in Europe and Africa
  • 26:00 The future of circular IT

circular economy presentation guide overview ppt pdf introduction

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About Today's Guest

Circular Economy Podcast Joost de Kluijver IT

Joost de Kluijver

Joost de Kluijver joins us on the podcast today! Joost is the founder and CEO of the social enterprise Closing the Loop (CTL), which has developed a service that delivers on the growing demand for circular IT. Prior to founding CTL, Joost worked for Accenture and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Website  |  Youtube

About the Show

Getting In the Loop is a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring how to transform to a more circular society. Join host Katie Whalen as she examines the challenges facing our current resource use and discovers alternatives to the ‘take, make, dispose’ way of doing things. Each week she interviews circular economy experts about what they’re doing and learning. Together we'll uncover what circular economy means in practice and find out what's being done to keep our resources in a loop rather than sent to waste.

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