How Policy Can Help Create a More Circular Economy

April 15, 2019 

Episode 007: Show Notes

In this episode we focus on how policies can help support product repair and reuse, two key parts of the circular economy. Guest Leonidas Milios shares the economic and environmental incentives to design products and materials to last longer and explains how some countries are already paving the way with warranty mandates, spare part policies, durability guidelines, and more.



  • What do we mean by circular economy and strategies to make products and resources last longer [2:30]
  • What is a policy?  [7:30]
  • Moving from waste management to waste prevention - how the EU Circular Economy Action Plan and EcoDesign can help support durability and repairability  [10:00]
  • Why non-EU manufacturers should also care about the EcoDesign directive [17:00]
  • How France and Sweden are paving the way with repair and reuse legislation [18:15]
  • Outlook on future policies to promote repair and right to repair [25:00]
  • What is the environmental benefit to using products longer? [34:30]
  • Five key takeaways and recommendations to encourage repair and reuse [36:15]



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About Today's Guest


Leonidas Milios is a researcher at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University in Sweden focusing on the management and policy aspects of resources. His research is part of the Mistra REES programme, which consists of three leading Swedish universities and a wide range of industry, governance and civil society partners. Leonidas previously worked as a consultant for the European Commission and the European Environment Agency.


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