Sustainability strategist, designer, and social change agent Leyla Acaroglu joins us on the podcast today! In this episode, you’ll hear about Leyla’s exciting work to make sustainable design understandable and desirable, and you’ll learn how design and systems thinking can help us move towards a more circular economy. For show-related links and resources head to:

Designer, sociologist, sustainability provocateur, and 2016 United Nations Champion of the Earth, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. As a pioneer of creative change, she weaves together sustainability, design, and systems thinking to challenge the way people see the world. She is the founder of Disrupt Design, The UnSchool, and CO Project Farm.

2:45 Bringing sustainable living practices to life through the CO Project Farm
11:15 Understanding the impacts of design decisions and making sustainable design cool
17:45 What needs to happen to reach a more circular economy
20:30 Designing learning systems and tools for the circular economy
25:00 Preparing future generations to create more sustainable solutions
29:00 Gaps in current circular economy discussions
32:15 Workshops, fellowships, and online training to level up your career and systems thinking skills