What is a Critical Raw Material and Can We Learn Strategic Materials Management from Historical Examples?

March 11, 2019

Episode 001: Show Notes

In today’s episode, TU Delft Associate Professor David Peck talks about a topic often linked to the circular economy - critical materials. In the show, Dave explains that it’s not about running out of materials and why material criticality should be considered. We reflect on how this relates to the circular economy, and dive into Dave's research on what we can learn from the British response to material shortages in WWII.



  • The importance of critical materials to society [02:30]
  • The ‘Homer Simpson’ moment we face regarding sustainable development [11:30]
  • British material shortages in WWII and strategic response [15:30]
  • What you had to do to get furniture in WWII Britain [22:30]
  • Are these strategies and policies applicable today? [24:00]
  • What we can do and creating awareness [31:00]
  • Upcoming EU regulations [35:00]



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About Today's Guest


David Peck is an Associate Professor in the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with a focus on Circular Built Environment. David is the TU Delft lead for the Pioneer University / CE100 status with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.  He is also adjunct Professor at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business and a Visiting Professor with Coventry University – both positions in the field of critical materials & circular economy.

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