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March 11, 2019

Episode 002: Show Notes

Today on the show we’re speaking with Anna Tari, who is CEO of the Circular Economy Club - a worldwide organization she founded in 2012 for anyone interested in circular economy. Anna discusses what’s she learned about circular economy in the years since the club’s founding, shares (for the first time!) an exciting event they are launching later this year, and explains how you can become a member and even start your own club.



  • What is the Circular Economy Club (CEC)? [02:00]
  • How to start your own local hub [08:50]
  • Connecting local hubs to a global network [09:50]
  • Takeaways from a global mapping of circular economy initiatives [12:30]
  • CEC resources and an upcoming special event to encourage local city action [15:50]
  • Education and work with universities [21:30]



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About Today's Guest


Anna Tari is the Founder & CEO of the Circular Economy Club (CEC). Previous experience includes managing relations with governments, embassies and companies through her experience at the World Travel & Tourism Council in London, and working at the Communications Department of the United Nations Agency for sustainable tourism, the World Tourism Organization. 

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