Courses and Resources to Teach Sustainable Materials Management and Circular Economy

April 8, 2019 

Episode 006: Podcast Show Notes

Today we're talking with Alessandra Hool about ongoing activities she is leading regarding critical raw materials and circular economy. We discuss the project SusCritMat which is producing educational materials related to sustainable management of critical materials and reflect on the importance of supply chain transparency. Alessandra provides some examples of how companies can manage materials more sustainably and also shares how she is using the In the Loop game to help create awareness of this topic.


Podcast Highlights

  • How the SusCritMat project helps industry professionals, educators, and researchers address material criticality  [3:00]
  • Online videos and courses you can take part in [8:30]
  • Why sustainable resource management starts with supply chains and how to implement this in practice [9:30]  
  • Common misconceptions about critical raw materials [13:30]
  • The upcoming SusCritMat Summer School and how you can attend [15:15]
  • Experiences from using the In the Loop game with high schoolers at Swiss Tech Days [18:30]



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About Today's Guest


Alessandra Hool is the CEO of the ESM Foundation. The foundation has existed since 1951 and is dedicated to support research and development activities in the field of rare and critical elements. In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation develops and coordinates projects in the field of rare and critical elements, such as the European education project SusCritMat.


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