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Regenerative Design for a Circular Economy in Buildings & Construction with Ehab Sayed | Getting in the Loop Podcast

Regenerative Design for a Circular Economy in Buildings & Construction with Ehab Sayed

Episode 049: Podcast Show Notes

It’s the last episode in our series in partnership with the International Society for the Circular Economy, and I’m so excited to introduce Ehab Sayed who is today’s guest. This episode has it all: circular materials, circular design, and circular business models! You will learn about how Ehab’s company Biohm is using bio-based materials to create a company founded on circular economy principles. Discover how Biohm is revolutionizing the construction industry with mycelium (which comes from mushrooms!), other plant based materials, and circular design strategies like modularity. Plus, find out more about Ehab’s upcoming keynote for the inaugural (digital) conference of the International Society for the Circular Economy (IS4CE) (July 6-7, 2020).

Getting in the Loop + International Society for the Circular Economy Team Up!

This month we’ve partnered with the International Society for the Circular Economy so you can meet some of the keynote speakers ahead of their inaugural conference. To learn more and register for the digital event, please visit International Society for the Circular Economy (IS4CE). Mark your calendars for July 6-7, 2020!

FYI: the Getting in the Loop podcast will take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for the summer and resume in September. Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast to get notified when we resume and if any bonus content airs!

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About the Show

Getting In the Loop is a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring how to transform to a more circular society. Join host Katie Whalen as she examines the challenges facing our current resource use and discovers alternatives to the ‘take, make, dispose’ way of doing things. Each week she interviews circular economy experts about what they’re doing and learning. Together we'll uncover what circular economy means in practice and find out what's being done to keep our resources in a loop rather than sent to waste.

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About Today's Guest


Ehab Sayed

Ehab Sayed, Founder and Director of Innovation at Biohm and PhD Researcher at Northumbria University, is a sustainable designer, engineer, circular economy strategist and built environment innovator with a passion for creating a biomimetic (nature-inspired) circular future that meets our environmental, economic and human needs. Through extensive research on the global construction industry, he founded Biohm to develop nature inspired construction systems and materials that champion a transformation towards the integration of biological processes in manufacturing. Leading a solid team of passionate and talented designers, engineers, architects, biologists and business innovators from around the globe he is working towards revolutionising the construction industry. Ehab is a Climate-Kic Certified Professional and with Biohm, has amassed a portfolio of awards and recognition from highly regarded international bodies. Member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circular Economy Club and UKGBC.


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